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"the meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away".

- unknown

People first.

This is a core belief that we are passionate about.. Giving back in any way we can. It feels so good to help our brothers & sisters in humanity, To connect & share & listen & be present with others while they share themselves & their lives. When we listen to how we can help, we then see ourselves in others & feel gratitude for the gifts we have & what we can give freely. We also learn so much about ourselves from helping each other.


Our work is all volunteer, grass roots with no affiliation to any non-profit, any organization or religion. It's done both on our own & often with the help of friends & family who share the same heart for giving back. We strive to provide support & hope to our brothers and sisters in humanity from all walks of life.

We feel all humans deserve dignity, respect & love. We feel so blessed to connect with them, talk with them and meet them where they are at to remind them they are not forgotten or alone. So many of them tell us their stories and share how they ended up where they are which reminds us that every one of them started out in life just like you & I. We've learned that in spite of their current circumstances, the thing they need the most is to be " seen " and not feel invisible to others. We've heard stories of misfortune, stories of fear, fleeing life threatening danger, stories of being persecuted for their beliefs, the color of their skin or who they love. 


We believe every life matters & we all need a helping hand at some point in our life. We wish to be the hope someone needs to keep going and never give up.

If you are interested in lending your time, talents and / or treasures please,


contact us here. 

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Christmas on the streets
san diego
asylum seekers  
tijuna mexico border
Jardín de las Mariposas  
tijuna, mexico 
san diego