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It was the classic case of 2 co-workers,

 [ acquaintences at best ] who barely knew each other the entire time we worked together.

We met in 1993. He was as 19 and

I was ... well, older. 

We both worked for the same beauty product company for many years, often in the same circles. 

He left the company.

Years went by.

 I eventually moved to Australia.

That was it, end of story.

Until one day...I got a “friend request” from him.

He flew half way around the world to take me

on our first date.

Fast forward, I moved to San Diego and opened my first salon with my, now husband.
Maybe it's our mutual love       for good tacos,

great concerts

& a shared addiction for late night YOUTUBE video marathons. We both have the same passions and values. We’d like to introduce ourselves and our company to you by sharing  with you who we are and  



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Abe Bio


As an ex-gang member whose career started off in the construction world, the last thing Abe Barron ever imagined becoming was an inspiration in the hairdressing world.

Given an ultimatum by his mother to join the Navy or go to beauty school, Abe chose the obvious. After a rough start and discouragement from many, including his own instructors, he was told "Not to aim so high" when it came to his aspirations to work with one of the industry's leading icons.

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As a successful hairdresser of 30 years with a loyal guest list of his own, Abe has  4 salons with over 75 team members. He continues to work behind the chair and educate on stage with his wife Melissa Jaqua, co-owner of their Southern California based salon, The Workshop:: on location. His credits also include work on "So You Think You Can Dance", The X-Factor", and the "American Music Awards."

His guest list is as diverse as his art. Customizing a gambit of looks from real life wearable hair that packs a punch to to fun, edgy creations and everything in between. 

Talented, full of humor, and authentically inspirational, Abe Barron always leaves an unforgettable lasting impression on everyone he meets!

Proving everyone wrong, Abe beat the odds, broke all stereotypes becoming one of the beauty industry's most successful 

hairdressers and educators. 

His work has been seen in numerous educational shows, schools, videos and on stage globally for JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS. He also served as the Artistic Director for

UNITE hair care.


abe barron

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